USCIS Resumes Immigration Interviews & Appointments on June 4

USCIS reopens on June 4
USCIS has suspended all in-person services since March 18th, 2020 due to COVID-19 pandemic and now we are finally approaching the reopen date, June 4th! They announced some important details on how they will resume their public service. What can we expect? Let's take a look -

Immigration Interviews & Biometric Appointments

The most relevant thing that affects all green card applicants might be the immigration interviews and the fingerprint appointments. USCIS stated that they will send reschedule notices to all applicants who previously scheduled a meeting.

If you have a meeting conflict and need to reschedule the appointment, you can contact USCIS through the contact center here.

Check to see if your filed office is open to the public on USCIS's office closure page

Note that all visitors are limited to the applicant, one representative, one family member and one individual providing disability accommodations. You can also arrange your interpreter available by telephone.

See more guidelines for entering USCIS's facilities here!

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