DIY How to Apply for Form I-751 Green Card Renewal by Yourself with No RFE! (Timeline Updated again!)

I can not believe that it’s been almost two years since I received my Green Card! It’s time to renew my Green Card. This time is a fairly easy process compared to what we have gone through when applying for the original Green Card. 

Many of my readers are asking if I would share my experience on renewing the conditional Green Card, aka Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence. So here I am! Before we get into details, be sure to check your eligibility first!

How to Renew My Conditional Green Card without RFE

Your current Conditional Green Card is only valid for 2 years and it can not be renewed. What we need to do is to apply for a NEW Green Card. Once your I-751 application is approved, you will receive a 10-year Green Card. Click here to learn more. 

When can you apply for US citizenship? Click here to find out.

Click here to learn about the Form I-751 processing time.

How to Renew My Conditional Green Card without RFE

Step 1: Download the latest version of forms

Step 2: Download the cover letter sample

Step 3: Collect Bona Fide marriage evidence

Step 4: Make a copy of your Green Card 

Step 5: Prepare Fees 

Step 6: Put your package together 

Step 7: Find a shipping carrier 

Step 8: Do a final review! 

Step 9: The Interview 

Step 10: Wait for the notifications!

Step 1: Download the latest version of forms 

What Form do I need to include to remove my conditional Green Card? 

I can’t stress enough that you should download the latest version of forms directly from USCIS’s official website! You don’t want to be rejected by submitting an outdated version of forms. So let’s head over to this webpage to download form I-751 

If you’d like to be notified by email or text, remember to also download Form G-1145, e-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance. I highly recommend including this! It’s so hard to keep waiting for the notification letters to show up in your mailbox…. Just sign this up and you will be the first to get notified when they receive your package! 

This form is only needed when you choose to pay by Credit Card or Debit Card. 

These are really the only forms you needed!

Step 2: Download the cover letter sample(with a final review checklist!)

Having a cover letter makes your application organized and it also helps you review what is missing! If you need an example, definitely take advantage of my cover letter template:) I appreciate your support! 

I am asking for $3 for this document so I can continue to update you all with the latest information. Plus, you will also receive a final review checklist to help you make sure everything is all set. 

No one wants to make easy mistakes that can ruin or delay the application process!
Form I-751 Cover letter sample

Step 3: Collect Bona Fide marriage evidence

For renewing a conditional Green Card, your bona fide marriage evidence is the biggest part of the application. So what do you need to provide? Short answer - anything that can prove the relationship between you and your US citizen spouse. 

One thing that’s worth mentioning is that you should include evidence since the date of your marriage. Many people made mistakes by providing only evidence from the date they received their Green Card (that’s not enough!) 

What evidence should I include for a bona fide marriage? 

You may have submitted some of these already when you applied for your original Green Card, but it doesn’t hurt to include them again. Here are some example: 
Click here to learn more about preparing for Bona Fide Marriage Evidence.

Step 4: Make a copy of your Green Card

Check your Green Card again to make sure it’s not expired first and then make a photocopy of it. Remember to do both front and back! Black and white is totally fine.

Step 5: Prepare Fees

How much do I have to pay to remove conditions on residence?

Well, there are two key payments: 
  •  The Biometric Service Fee: $85 
  •  The Form I-751 fee: $595 
I separate the payment into two because I think it’s more clear what each fee is for. It’s totally fine to combine them if you wish though! 

What payment methods are accepted? 

Several options are available for you: 

Do I need to include biometric service?

This is an interesting question. It’s quite confusing on the instructions actually. It did mention below: 
  1. Conditional Resident. Each conditional resident and conditional resident dependent included in the principal petitioner’s Form I-751 is required to submit a biometric services fee with this petition, in addition to the required filing fee. (See the What Is the Filing Fee section of these Instructions.) 
  2. U.S. Citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident Spouse. If you are the U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident spouse, you do not need to include a biometric services fee at the time this petition is submitted. If USCIS later notifies you that you must submit your biometrics, you will receive a biometric services appointment notice with instructions on how to submit the additional fee. 
 I wasn’t sure which category I am supposed to be in so I just included the biometric service fee anyways. I figured if it’s not needed, they can just ignore it. Another good reason to keep each payment separate. 

Update: It turns out that they do require a biometric service fee! They cashed out my bio payment at the same time and I got my bio appointment again even though they already took the bio last time.

Step 6: Put your package together

As usual, all payments have to be on top so the agent can see them right away. Without correct payments, they will reject directly without further review. After that you need to include your Green Card copy, and other evidence together. I used a paper clip to hold all documents together and labeled them nicely. Here's my order:

Form I-751 Checklist

Step 7: Find a shipping carrier

There are really only two main addresses depending on which carrier you are using: (This is just an example) 

If you use U.S. Postal Service (USPS): 
Attn: I-751 
 P.O. Box 21200 
 Phoenix, AZ 85036-1200 

If you use FedEx, UPS, and DHL deliveries: 
 Attn: I-751 (Box 21200) 
1820 E. Skyharbor Circle S 
Suite 100 
 Phoenix, AZ 85034-4850 

I shipped mine with UPS this time because we all heard about the long wait time and delays on USPS packages. The fee is slightly higher than USPS but it’s worth it for me. At least I don’t have to worry about losing track of the package or the package being delivered late, etc.

Step 8: Do a final review!

It’s always good to do a final review on a few things before you wrap up everything! 
Here are a few tips: 
  • Use black ink for handwriting parts 
  • Write “Original Submission” on the package if this is the first time you apply 
  • Make sure all forms are current and not expired 
  • Learn More! 
Download my cover letter sample and you will also receive a complete checklist!

Step 9: The Interview

While an interview for Form I-751 application is generally required, some applicants did report that they did not need to do an interview. Maybe when USCIS determines that your application is perfect then you might be able to skip the interview process (if you are lucky!) 

My personal application is still in the process, so I will come back and update you all on this part!

Step 10: Wait for the notifications!

How long does it take to receive notifications/updates? 

It was about 2-3 weeks after I mailed my application before I received a text message notifying me that they had received my application. After a couple of days, I received an official I-797 notice in the mail. Check out my real timeline below! My application is still ongoing so stay tuned! 

  • 4/9 Mailed out the I-751 application package 
  • 4/12 Package tracking showed that it’s arrived 
  • 5/1 Received a confirmation text message from USCIS 
  • 5/3 Received the I-797 notice in the mail 
  • 8/24 Received a mail notice for biometrics appointment 
  • 9/8 Completed the bio appointment 
  • 4/10 Submitted N-400 Application online
  • 4/14 I-751 Case Transferred to another USCIS office
  • 6/18 Received I-751 Interview notice
  • 6/19 Received N-400 Interview notice (same day as I-751 interview)
  • 7/20 Combined interviews conducted. Oath ceremony scheduled for 8/30!
  • My application is going, so check back for more updates!
How is your application going? What do you want to know more about? Share with me in the comment!

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  1. did you leave some questions with a N/A or just leave it blank if it doesn't apply. like if you did not have an interpreter

    1. I left it blank and it was fine for my case. But theoretically you need to add N/A. I hope this helps!

  2. Thank you that you provide such helpful information on filing I-751.I have the same confusing issue on biometric service fees. Your updated info helps me figure out the answer (maybe) when I filled in the form i-751. Actually, the person who needs to move condition on residency and must pay the biometric service fees is called conditional resident in Part 1 of Form i751. The person who jointly files this petition as the conditional resident's spouse in Form i-751 is so called U.S. Citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident Spouse in Part 4 of the form. They may need to pay biometric service fee when the USCIS schedules the service. The instructions are confusing for this issue.

    1. Yes, I agree the instruction can be a little more clearer on biometrics part!


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