*Attention* USCIS Adjusted Some Application Filing Locations!

Great news! USCIS is planning on opening a new facility in Elgin, Illinois next year! This will expand its lock box capacity.

USCIS Adjusted Some Application Filing Locations

USCIS Adjusted Some Application Filing Locations

It's worth mentioning that USCIS has adjusted filing locations for certain applications and this could include some I-485 adjustment of status (AOS) applications. For example, some AOS applicants who originally would have submitted to the Phoenix Lockbox now should go to Chicago or Dallas Lockbox. 

Additionally, USCIS also streamlined filing locations for some employment-based forms to a single lockbox location. So be sure to triple check your correct filing location! 

USCIS Expands Lock Box Capacity

This coming new year, USCIS will be adding a few more filing location changes and they will add Elgin as a new filing location. Soon USCIS will also be moving the Phoenix lockbox facility in Arizona to Tempe. 

How to check the correct USCIS filing location

To avoid delays or even rejections, you need to use the most current filing location! Go to USCIS's website and find your form. On that page, you should be a Where to File section for more detail!

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