How I prepared for N-400 Interview by myself with Ease

I started my preparation about 1-2 weeks before my N-400 citizenship interview and I believe that's more than enough for most people. I reviewed the tests and the dates of my trips during the last 5 years (the officer may ask about the most recent trip)
How I prepared for N-400 Interview by myself with Ease

If you want to know the process of applying for I-751 or N-400, click here to read: 

DIY How to Apply for Form I-751 Green Card Renewal by Yourself with No RFE! (Timeline Updated again!)

How to prepare for the N-400 Citizenship Tests

There will be three main tests and possibly some questions for the N-400 Yes/no questions. I gathered some great preparation materials here for your convenance. These really helped me prepare with ease and very efficiently. 

1. English reading test
For this part, the officer will show you a sentence on the tablet screen and ask you read it out loud.

Click here to see a video for practicing the English reading test!

2. English writing test
For this part, the officer will read out loud a sentence and ask you to write down the answer on a tablet with a pen. He will then check for your spelling and correctness. Remember to spell out numbers and no abbreviations such as NYC, otherwise those will be considered incorrect! (very important)

3. Civic test 
There's a list of 100 civic test questions on USCIS's website with answers. Click here to download it
You need to remember all questions. Unless you are over age of 65, then you can just study the questions with * symbol. 

During the civic test, the officer will ask you 10 questions of the 100 questions randomly and you will need to get 6 correct answers out of 10 to pass.

Having trouble remembering the answers? Try this video! It separates the questions by group.

4. N-400 Application Questions

The last part is the application questions. Sometimes the officer will test your understanding of the N-400 Yes/No questions. So just be prepared if you are being asked! Here is a great video that explains in more details.

That's it! You may be interested in learning more here:

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