DIY Green Card Application Form I-485 AOS E-Book - NEW!

The 9th Edition E-Book is published (with Updated Fee Information)! 

My Marriage-Based Green Card Application Experience

NEW I-485 Green Card Application EBOOK with new fees!

*All content here is for sharing experience and opinions only, not for providing legal advice. No guarantee of successful green card application results. See the disclaimer here.

Claim your e-book today for only $16.50! The fee will support my blog and allow me to do more immigration updates and guides. Thank you for your support!

*The Chinese version E-Book is also available! Click here to place your order.


What's Included in This E-Book?

  • Clear step-by-step overview of your I-485 green card application 
  • Everything you need to know about in one file
  • Filing tips to save money and avoid potential RFE & rejections
  • 10-Step Assembling Guide 
  • Final Review Checklist
  • 6 Cover Letter Samples Included
  • Easily Printable PDF to Highlight and Review
  • My Real Interview Experience
  • Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (from my real readers) - Added More Now!
  • This E-Book comes with clear index for easy searches

See what other buyers said about the book:

"去年八月時曾經購買了您的電子書,也向您詢問了一些疑問。最後我們在11月提出了境內調整身分的申請,並在昨天取得了綠卡(條件式)。非常感謝您當初的協助!真的非常感謝!" - Wendy, April 2023

"當初準備綠卡時一頭霧水又覺得律師費好貴 花費不起, 偶然看到您的部落格, 跟你買了電子檔, 覺得內容很有邏輯, 也照著裡面的資訊準備送件, 就在今天終於告一段落了, 非常謝謝您的電子檔幫了我很大的忙, 也謝謝你也回答了我很多疑問, 衷心感謝!" - Chia yi, July, 2022

"Your blog and ebook are incredibly beneficial! Thank you for your excellent work! I am in the process of applying for a green card for my wife and I am so grateful to found your blog!" - Ethan K., October 2023

"This group helped me successfully put an application together. Thanks Evy for the template, the officer today said its a well organized application and there is literally no questions he had for me except those i485 yes/no questions. Interview was over in 5 mins. Field office: SJC." - Prashanth T., September 2021

"Thank you so much! Your ebook is amazing!! I had no idea how to start to prepare it until I saw your blog;)" Ishan, August 2021

"This is so incredibly helpful! I got to the point where I started trying to organize everything, and wasn't satisfied with anything I found online until I found your site" Joe, Feb. 2021

"I am delighted to find your blog during my own Green Card Application Endeavor. Thank you for your time, passion and willingness to help those of us, who is also starting this journey! 

The information your provided is very helpful! For me the hardest was (and still is) how to proper organize such an amount of forms and documents, I was terrified with piles of all these papers and before reading your blog could not even imagine, how to put all of them together to present to USCIS. Now it feels doable and I don’t blame myself anymore for siting on all these forms, collecting, scanning and printing documents for almost 2 month so far. Thank you! " - Maria, Feb. 2021

"Thank you for doing this amazing blog! It really helped me and spouse through the filing process" - Yan, Jan, 2021

"Thank you so much ! Thank you for all the research you do . I found your blog by researching questions and when I saw you have an ebook I thought I would need an extra help ! Attorneys are so expensive.. Thank you have a good day !! " - Vero M. Oct. 2020

"The book is very easy to follow and it helped me correct mistakes. I really appreciate it. We are about to send our application soon. Will let you know how it turns out!" - Oliva W., June 2020

"I purchased your templates before and I see that you published the ebook. The templates had helped me tremendously! Can I have the ebook please? Thank you again!" - Steve N., May 2020

"謝謝您的電子書讓我對自己申請綠卡增加了很多信心。" - Irene,Jan. 2021

"谢谢Evy的帮助,1-485电子书里的内容详实细腻,真的很棒" - Ruth, June 2020

"我在網路上看到有人推薦來你的blog參考綠卡申請的流程,想先感謝你這麼有心詳細的分享,對大家幫助很大:)" - September, 2020

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