What Bona-Fide Marriage Evidence Should I Provide?

How to Prepare Evidence of Bona-Fide Marriage
When preparing for my green card application, I thought the part about providing evidence of Bona-Fide marriage is the most fun part. We started collecting things we have together as a couple including photos, letters, messages, gifts, etc. and it just brought back so much fun memory.

Although you can get as creative as you want for the Bona-Fide marriage evidence, there are a few things that you can (and probably should!) provide to show your strong relationship with your partner. Let's check them out:

What Evidence of Bona-Fide Marriage for I-130 to Provide

Evidence of Bona-Fide marriage is required for filing form I-130 Petition for Alien Relative. Your US citizen spouse will have to file this form for you along with the evidence required.

Basically, you have to show a real relationship between you and your spouse.Ideally, you should at least show these three things:

  1. Evidence to show that you live (or will live) together 
  2. Evidence to show that you have together future plans
  3. Evidence to show that you are bonded in life

Some important items to provide (if applicable) include:

  • Joint banking/investment accounts
  • Assets and/or resources you own together 
  • Household health insurance
  • Any financial accounts that have each other as a beneficiary - show the beneficiary page!
  • Marriage certificate
  • Agreements you both signed (ex: Lease, wedding venue contract, etc.)
  • Evidence of cohabitation
    • W2s with same address
    • Bills with same address
    • Packages/mail/letters addressed to both of you in same address
Other helpful items to provide:

  • If you have children together, show their information
  • If you are pregnant, show your sonogram images or OB visit records
  • If you have taken trips together, show flight tickets, admission tickets
  • Email communications and text messages between you two
  • Photos of you two and with each other's family members
  • Get creative! Provide anything you two have in common.

About Bona Fide Marriage Photos

How do I present the photos? How many photos should be included? More details provided in my ebook! 

Final words - As long as you are in an authentic relationship with your spouse, I am sure your application will pass with flying colors!:)

Good luck!

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*Disclaimer: This article if for providing my personal experience only, not for providing any legal advice.


  1. Hi There,

    Your blog is super helpful! By the way, is it okay to use my maiden signature (so it will match my passport signature) even if I am taking my husband's last name? Or I should sign the forms with a new signature?

    1. Thank you! I believe signature is okay. You can do however you want. Just make sure you use the new name for the form fields. Here has more details: https://diysimpleidea.blogspot.com/2020/06/married-name-green-card-application.html

      Thank you,


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