USCIS Confirmed to Separate EAD & AP Combo Cards

As you may know, USCIS has been issuing EAD (Employment Authorization Document) and AP (Advanced Parole, aka travel permit) together as a 'combo card' a while now. 

However, due to long delays in processing these documents, USCIS has confirmed that they will decoupling these two cards and make standard, separate documents in an effort to expedite the processing times.

USCIS Confirmed to Separate EAD & AP Combo Cards

How does this affect my application?

The current processing times are around 11-13 months for EADs. Most applicants apply concurrently EAD and AP cards along with their Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Status (Green Card). USCIS has been trying to clear the backlog and avoid employment interruption. Now with the decoupling decision, we should be the processing times being shortened. 

These new EAD cards will no longer have a notation "serves as I-512 Advance Parole" and can not be served as a travel permit. You need a separate AP document to be able to travel internationally. 

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