3 New Actions USCIS Takes to Ease Backlogs

As you may know, USCIS has been trying different measurements to reduce the current backlogs, and now they are coming up with more actions! Here are some of the key changes:
3 New Actions USCIS Takes to Ease Backlogs

1) Reducing Processing Backlogs

USCIS established a new internal cycle time goals this month. These goals are internal metrics that will guide the backlog reduction efforts of the USCIS workforce. As cycle times improve, processing time will follow and you will receive decision more quickly!

2) Expanding Premium Processing

USCIS intends to begin implementing premium processing availability of Form I-539, Form I-765 and Form I-140 in fiscal year 2022. 

They also plan to begin this phased implementation process by expanding premium processing eligibility to Form I-140 filers requesting EB-1 immigrant classification as a multinational executive or manager, or EB-2 immigrant classification as a member of professions with advanced degrees or exceptional ability seeking a national interest waiver.

3) Improving Access to Employment Authorization Documents (EAD)

USCIS has begin streamlining the EAD processes, including:
  • extending validity periods for certain EADs 
  • providing expedited work authorization renewals for healthcare and childcare workers. 
  • ensure certain individuals will not lose their work authorization status while their applications are pending
They are also decoupling the combo card that used to be a combination card of the EAD and travel permit. Click here to learn more.

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