New Green Card Adjustment of Status (AOS) Forms Required From April 19th!

In case you missed these important updates - USCIS has updated some immigration forms starting from April 19th, 2021! Once the new versions are published, USCIS will no longer accept the older versions, so be sure to check your forms before you submit!

New Green Card Adjustment of Status (AOS) Forms Required From April 19th!

New Immigration Forms Required from April 19th

As many of you may have heard already - President Joe Biden terminated the Public Charge rule placed by former President. The Public Charge Rule required applicants to submit Form I-485 along with Form I-944 with added questions and requirements. Now Form I-944 Public Charge Rule no longer plays a role in the Green Card application process, USICS had to update several immigration forms to remove those requirements. 

Which version of the forms should I use?

The new forms are available starting from April 19th, 2021 on USCIS's website. Only the latest versions will be accepted by USCIS on and after April 19th. Applications filed with old forms on and after April 19th, 2021will be rejected. Be sure to download the latest versions of your forms on the official website:

Which forms were updated?

Here's a list of some of the Green Card Adjustment of Status (AOS) forms that are updated with a version version:

More updates here before you go..!

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