Green Card EAD Timeline - 2020 Summer Filers (April to August)

Long waiting time for you work authorization card can be very stressful and I totally feel all of you! It's been a while since last time I shared some real case timelines here. I finally got some time to collect these for your reference. Hopefully this will ease your mind a little bit, knowing what you can expect ahead of you:

Green Card EAD Timeline - 2020 Summer Filers (April to August)

2020 April to August Filers EAD Timelines

Delivered DateBiometrics App.EAD ProducedTotal Wait Time
4/2/2020N/ANot yet as of 10/27/20207 months so far
4/2/202010/20/2020Not yet as of 10/27/20207 months so far
4/16/20209/18/20209/21/20205 months
4/17/20208/10/2020Not yet as of 10/27/20206.6 months so far
5/4.2020N/ANot yet as of 10/27/20206 months so far
5/8/20209/30/202010/6/20205 months
5/10/20208/25/202010/8/20205 months
5/15/2020N/A10/25/20205.5 months
5/18/20208/11/20209/29/20204.5 months
5/29/202010/9/202010/15/20204.5 months
6/2/20207/16/20208/6/20202 months
6/7/2020N/A9/30/20203.5 months
6/10/2020N/A10/21/20204 months
6/10/20208/25/202010/19/20204 months
6/12/20208/12/202010/21/20204 months
6/30/2020N/A10/20/20204 months
7/16/202010/21/2020Not yet as of 10/27/20203.5 months so far
8/17/202010/23/2020Not yet as of 10/27/20202 months so far
Don't forget to check USCIS's case processing time here to get an idea.  The current processing time is 4.5 to 6.5 months:
EAD Processing Time
WWell, if you look at my data, some may be faster than others but most people do get their cards produced within 4-6 months, so I think it's still pretty reliable! What is your timeline, care to share with us?

Can I still work without an EAD card?

Can't wait endlessly? The great news is - Yes some of you can! Some applicants are qualified to use their I-797 Notice of Action as their temporary work authorization proof and your employer will use that to report in the I-9 form. Your notice date has to be between December 1st, 2019 and August 20th, 2020. Read this article to see if you are qualified!

Click here to see more filers' timelines!

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