Updated! US President Signed Executive Order to Halt Immigration to US for 60 Days

*Updated: On April 22nd, President Trump has signed the Proclamation Suspending Entry of immigrants who present risk to the US labor market During the COVID-19 outbreak. This new executive order affects immigrants that:
  • Are outside the US as of April 23rd, 2020
  • Don't have a valid immigrat visa
  • Don't have an official travel document other than a visa

If you are thinking about applying for or have submitted your I-485 adjustment of status application, you probably have already heard the breaking news today - President Trump said he will halt immigration to the US for 60 days to block green card recipients from moving to the United States. The president argued that this is to protect Americans who have lost their jobs in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and get them back to the job market. So what does this mean? Will it affect your case? 

US President Halts Immigration to the United States for 60 Days

On April 22nd, President Trump has signed the executive order. This order takes into effect on April 23rd, 2020, and affects new "traveling" immigrants who are applying oversea; However, it does not affect your case if you have a pending application in the US.

Who Are Exempted From This?

Good News - This is meant for traveling immigrants who are applying for their green cards abroad so most of us could be exempted. See a quick list:
  • Spouses or minor children of US citizens
  • You are already in the US and applying for your adjustment of status (AOS)
  • essential workers
  • US army members
  • If you are part of the law enforcement for national security
  • Some investor visas and special immigrant visas for Iraqi and Afghan nationals 
Nothing really changed with this news yet. so there's no need to wait to submit your application if you are about to. Just keep in mind that US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is currently temporarily suspended routine in-person services due to the coronavirus pandemic and will begin reopening the offices on May 4th, unless there's an extended notice. 
Also, if you are on a temporary work permit, this won't affect your entry to the US. Just remember to check back on USCIS's website for more updates! 

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