Where Do I Find a Green Card Immigration Doctor?

When applying for the adjustment of status (I-485), form I-693 report of medical examination and vaccination record is required. This is one of the most troublesome parts of the application process for many immigrants.

How to Find an Immigration Doctor?

You will need a qualified immigration doctor to help you fill out most of your I-693 report of medical exam and vaccination record. Go to the USCIS website to search for a listed doctor that’s convenient for you.

Green Card Medical Exam Cost

Each doctor charges differently, so I suggest you call at least 3 to compare the prices. Note that a lot of immigration doctors only take cash or check. The cost can range between $120 and $300 depending on the area you are in.

If you already have done some of the required vaccinations or blood test, be sure to bring them with you to the doctor’s appointment. You may be able to save some redundant vaccination shots!

6 Questions to Ask Your Potential Green Card Immigration Doctor

Do your homework before you visit the doctor can save you time and money! Here’s a list of questions you will want to confirm before you go to the immigration doctor:
  1. How much do you charge for the basic exam?
  2. Do you accept a credit card payment? 
  3. Do you accept an FSA/HSA/HRA card?
  4. How much do you charge for the shots and the blood tests if I need them?
  5. Do you accept the vaccination records and blood test results from somewhere else?
  6. How long does it take to get the I-693report?
Did you find your ideal immigration doctor already? How was your experience? How did you make the decision? In the next blog post, we will discuss what vaccinations and blood tests are required for the I-693 report. 

Click here to see a step-by-step guide for filing your I-485 application>>

Disclaimer: This article is for sharing personal experience only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice.

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