Green Card Medical Exam for Pregnant Women

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Can I still pass the Green Card Immigration Medical Exam if I am pregnant? It depends! If you are seeing your OBGYN regularly, they probably have already tested Syphilis and Gonorrhea for you. Ask for the test results from your OBGYN and bring it with you to the immigration exam, you may be able to save a few dollars by avoiding the redundant tests!
Green Card Medical Exam During Pregnancy

About Syphilis Test

Be careful though, according to CDC’s website, starting from 2013, Syphilis tests performed before the panel physician or civil surgeon exams the applicant are not acceptable. So theoretically, your Syphilis test results from your OBGYN before the immigration exam will not be accepted. To be safe, you can have it tested right at the immigration doctor.

I just got tested for Syphilis at my OBGYN about a month before the immigration exam so my doctor used that record. Hopefully, this won’t cause any RFE. I will keep you all updated what happens after!

About MMR Vaccine

The only vaccination that can be dangerous to pregnant women is the MMR vaccinations. So if you don’t have that done before you were pregnant, I would wait to see the doctor, because he/she will only be able to provide a half-finished I-693 report and you will have to go back again when you can have the shots.

About Tuberculosis Test (TB)

For the Tuberculosis test, from September 2018, USCIS no longer accept the skin bubble test (TST), so you must do an IGRA blood test. This test needs to be done every year. This is totally safe for pregnant women.

Remember, the form I-693 is not required to submit with your I-485 application together at once. You can always submit it later or wait to bring it with you to the immigration interview.

See what vaccines and blood tests are required for the Green Card application here.

Did this post help you with your immigration medical exam during pregnancy? How's your experience? Share with all of us and help more people in the same situation!

Disclaimer: This article is for sharing personal experience only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice.

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