USCIS Proposed Rule to Adjust Certain Naturalization Application Fees

USCIS has been talking about changing application fees and rules to better serve the immigrants. Let's take a quick look at some key points:

USCIS Adjust Naturalization Application Fees

USCIS Proposed Rule to Adjust Certain Application Fees

USCIS today published a Notice of Proposed Reulemaking (NPRM) to adjust certain immigration and naturalization benefit request fees. 

Why? This allows USCIS to more fully recover its operating costs and they need more money to maintain timely case processing (which is one of the biggest concerns that everyone has!)

The projected revenues would also allow USCIS to increase the number of adjudicators processing applications, improve technology and increase support provided to individuals. 

Who will be affected by the new rule?

The proposed rule would include a modest increase in the fee for certain naturalization applications, while preserving existing fee waiver eligibility for low income and vulnerable populations and adding new fee exemptions for certain humanitarian programs. 

If finalized, the rule will decrease or minimally increase fees for more than one million low-income filers per year. 

New measures include:
  • incorporate biometrics costs into the main benefit fee 
  • remove the separate biometric services fee
  • establish separate fees for each nonimmigrant classification covered by Form I-129
  • Change premium processing timeframe from 15 calendar days to 15 business days
  • institute lower fees for certain forms filed online

Please note that the fees will not change until the final rule goes into effect, after the public has the opportunity to comment and USCIS finalizes the fee schedule in response. Stay tuned for USCIS's public engagement session on proposed fee rule on Jan 11, 2023! 

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