USCIS Revised Form I-589 and I-765!

If you are in the middle of preparing for your Green Card application, be sure you use the most recent forms! USCIS recently revised Form I-589 and I-765. Let's see more details:

USCIS Revised Form I-589 and I-765!

USCIS Revised Form I-589 and I-765!

USCIS updates immigration forms from time to time. The most recent updates are for 
Here I will emphasize on Form I-765 which is one of the important forms along with Form I-485 Green Card application. 

Starting from Nov. 7th, 2022, USCIS will only accept the 07/26/22 edition. Until then applicants can still use the older versions (5/31/22 and 08/25/20 editions). 

Make sure you use the latest version before you submit your application! USCIS has the right to reject your application if you are using the wrong versions. 

Good luck! We will talk soon.

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