USCIS Waives Interviews for Low-Risk I-751 Petitioners

Great News! Are you in the process of removing your conditions on residence? If your Green Card is marriage-based and you are considered "low-risk", then there's a good chance that your immigration interview can be waived! Let's hear more about it:

USCIS Waives Interviews for Low-Risk I-751 Petitioners 

USCIS Waives Interviews for Low-Risk I-751 Petitioners

Previously, all conditional permanent residents are required to undergo an interview if they obtained their Green Card via consular processing, however, USCIS announced recently that they are going to adopt a risk-based approach when waiving interviews for conditional permanent residents (CPR) who have filed to remove conditions on residence. 

When will this go into effect?

This new update is effective immediately! This new update is one of the actions the agency takes to increase efficiencies and improve processing times. This is expected to allow for a better use of staffing resources.

Who is considered "low-risk"?

An agency offer will determine:

  • There is sufficient evidence about the bona fides of the marriage. 
  • There's no indication of fraud or misrepresentation in supporting documents
  • No complex facts or issues to resolve
  • No criminal history that render the CPR removable
  • Joint-filing requirement is also eligible for a waiver if applicable. 

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