Green Card Interview During COVID-19: What You Need to Know

10 things you need to know before interview during covid-19

There's no question that COVID-19 has made green card interviews more challenging than before. Although we can't change the fact that our applications are affected in a negative way, what we can do is be as prepared as possible to ensure a smooth interview experience. Deep breath....we are about to learn some key points you need to be aware of for your interview day:

Once your case status has changed to "Interview has been scheduled", you should start preparing for your big day! You can expect an interview schedule notice in your mail with all documents you need to bring with you to the interview, such as your I-693 medical report, important tax document, the original marriage license, etc. The list of items can vary case by case so be sure you read your specific instructions in the notice!

10 Things You Need to Know Before Your Green Card Interview

Before you enter the facility:

1. Arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to your scheduled interview appointment
2. Stay in your car and do not open the window. You will be asked to show your interview notice by the window

Entering the facility:

3. You need to wear a facial mask or facial coverings that cover botht he mouth and nose when entering the building. Note that USCIS may provide one, but if they don't have one available and you don't have one, you will be asked to reschedule your appointment.

4. You will be asked to vow that:

  • You did not travel for the past 14 days out of the USA 
  • You haven't been in close contact with anyone known or suspected to have COVID-19 in the last 14 days
  • You have no symptoms of COVID-19 (including cough, fever or difficult breathing, etc)
5. You will be asked to use hand sanitizer provided at the entry points
6. Some facilities also ask you to answer health screening questions before you can enter the facility.

Waiting in the facility:

7. Pay attention to markings, signs and physical barriers in the facility for social distancing guidelines.

8. For marriage-based green card interview, the couple may be asked to do the interview separately. Some applicants reported being interviewed one spouse at a time in a separate room.

9. Do not bring your children with you if not necessary. If you don't have a choice, call the facility first and ask before your interview day!

10. You are encouraged to bring your own black or blue ink pens for filling out paperwork.

Click here to see our interview experience with real questions! Our interview happened before COVID-19, but I believe the questions are still relevant.

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