5 FREE Ways to Get your Green Card Questions Answered

When I was preparing for my green card application, I would spend hours or even days to find answers that I need. It could be for a specific question in one of the forms that I was confused about, or it could be just in general, like how should I organize and label my I-485 application package.

Therefore I thought it would be beneficial to share with you some of the effective ways that I use to get my I-485 questions answered. Here we go -
5 FREE Ways to Get your Green Card Questions Answered

1. USCIS's Website

What information could be more accurate than the one that's on the official website? You should always download the latest I-485 application forms directly from USCIS's website. It's very important to use the right version of your forms. Also, you can find form instructions on USCIS's website. Those are very long but extremely informative. The instructions are always the first place I search for answers.

2. Google it!

Google knows everything, right? Search online to find other applicants' experiences and opinions. If you know multiple languages, you can also try searching in different languages. Sometimes that gives you a broader search result.

Have you read my experience yet? I had a hard time finding all information from one website, that's why I started this blog (Sweet Beginning USA). I documented down almost everything we had been through. So if you are looking for a simple guideline, check it out first: DIY How I Applied for My Green Card with No RFE!

2. Visa Forums

During the months of preparation for my green card application, I found some useful information from several different forums.  However, the forums are not a place for seeking legal advice. Everything you see is based on other's experience only. Just keep that in mind. It doesn't hurt to do more research on your own!

The best part for me from this forum is that many applicants are sharing their real timelines and experiences. It was really comforting to see what others have been through and where everyone's case is at. Here are a few popular forums you can check out:

3. Facebook Groups & Pages

There are so many Facebook groups for green card application discussion. Some are hosted by law firms, some are just from current applicants sharing experiences. Also keep in mind though, these groups are just to give you a quick direction, and there's no guarantee that the answers are accurate.

Here are a few groups for your reference:

4. Free Consultation with a Lawyer or a Preparer

Some individual lawyers/ preparers or law firms provide initial free consultation on your I-485 application questions. I think it doesn't hurt to hear what the professionals have to say especially if your case is a little challenging than others. I personally would prefer to file on my own just because I would like to be in control of my own case and stay informed with every detail. 

5. Contact USCIS 

USCIS gives you some options to contact them based on what your questions are about: https://www.uscis.gov/about-us/contact-us

The virtual assistant Emma helps you location what you need quickly. If you still don't find your answers, you can try contact the agents directly. I personally would use this as the last resource, especially during COVID-19, just because the long wait time can be very frustrating for me and depends on which agent you are assigned, you can get different service quality. 

There you have the list - what do you think? How do you get your green card questions answered? Do you have more effective ways to share with me? Please ;eave me a comment! I am curious to hear them.

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