I-944 FAQ: Do I Need to Do an Equivalency Evaluation for Each Level of Education?

I received the same question several times regarding Form I-944 Education Equivalency Evaluation, so I'd like to share more about it with all of you who may be wondering the same thing. Let's hear all about it:
Equivalency Evaluation for Each Level of Education?

Is One Equivalency Evaluation for Each Level of Education Necessary?

Q: Do I need to provide an evaluation of equivalency for each level of my education? Or simply just do one for the highest degree I have is sufficient. What if I am currently a college student in the US?

A: Providing an evaluation to each level of education is the safest way. It doesn't hurt to provide more, however, if there's any missing evaluation that USCIS needs to see, this will only delay your application process. In Form I-944 instruction, it states:
Foreign education should include an evaluation of equivalency to education or degrees acquired at accredited colleges, universities, or educational institutions in the United States.
Even if you are currently attending a college in the US, because your US degree is still in the progress, you should provide an evaluation to each of your previous degrees you have in your home (foreign) country. Click here to see where you can do the evaluation.

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