How to Fill Out Part 14 in Form I-485 for Additional Addresses

I have been asked this same question for several times, so I wanted to do a quick post to share the answer with all of my readers.

When filing your green card application, in form I-485 Adjustment of Status, there's a section asking you to provide all places you have lived in before. Chances are you have lived in multiple places. When you need extra space, you will have to add this in part 14, at the end of the form. 

How to Fill Out Part 14 in Form I-485 for Additional Addresses

Q1: Do I need to make a note in the regular address section in form I-485?

Answer: I don't think so and I did not provide any notes in the regular section. I simply added the additional addresses in part 14 at the end. USCIS created this part for a reason and I am pretty sure they will need to review every page including part 14. So there's no reason to add a note anywhere - it might also cause confusing by adding notes here and there..

Q2: How Do I Fill Out the page number, part number and item number in Part 14? Looks like the dates and address details are on different pages but I thought it would be more easily readable if I have the dates together. 

Answer: As long as you can make it clear it all works. I listed out my address like everyone normally would do and I added "Date of Residence" below together with my address to show the dates. I agree it's easier to read that way. See an example here:

Physical address 3:
132, Colvin Street, Kingston, NY, 12401, USA
Date of Residence: From 7/1/2018 - 10/1/2019

How did you fill out Part 14 in form I-485? Share with all of us!

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