Where Can I Find My USCIS Alien Registration Number (A Number)?

What's my Alien Registration Number

What is an A Number?

An A number is an Alien Registration Number or Alien Number. It is a unique 8 or 9 digit number assigned to you at the time you file your application. The series of number starts with the letter "A".  

Where Can I Find My USCIS A Number?

You may not necessarily have an A number. If no A-files have been created in the past, you don't have the number. Or if you are a H1-B holder like myself, you probably don't have an A number as H1-B holders don't need an EAD card to work. If you have an EAD card, you can find the A number on it.

When I was under OPT, I did receive an EAD card but that card has expired of course. That A number will not be applicable to this case because once your green card application is received, USCIS will assign you a new A number. So simply leave that field blank if you don't have a current A number.

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  1. Hi! I am currently on STEM OPT and I do have an EAD card so should I put that A number in all the forms?

    1. Yes, I would, if it's not expired, you should use that number.


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